Are not as fun anymore.

I just got news that my cousin in the Philippines I grew up with died in an accident. I haven’t seem him in almost 10 years but it hurts knowing we won’t able to catch up again. He was abused and neglected as a child and when he came to america I could tell he just wanted to fit in and find a place called home. He got into a gang with the wrong group of people and ended up eventually getting deported. I’m gonna miss him and our talks over girls and watching MTV music videos and playing basketball and being badasses. Rest in Peace in Thug Mansion, homie. Save me a beer.




I’m working at a bar that serves vegan food and beer so if anyone wants to visit come thru and I’ll hook it up at Tony’s Darts Away.

I grew my beard out, got a septum, and I am with a Zebra now.

New board and new kicks. skating again.

Active Deck. Nike SB. I call them the Goku shoes.
Mail from Danielle of Jabber.

Mail from Danielle of Jabber.



Hello again

I haven’t been on this in FOREVER. In case you were wondering or care, here are 5 things currently going on in my life.

1. I finished Culinary School. My internship ended last Sunday, and I am completely done with my Le Cordon Bleu program. It’s been an extremely difficult year and a half. Waking up 4:30am everyday to drive to Hollywood. Almost getting kicked out 3 times. The burns, the cuts, the stress, the yelling, the dissapointed looks on my chefs, the deadlines, the hard hard work. The fact that every semester something horrible happened to me. In the end though, I made it. I never gave up. Since my intership is over, I am still under the company, but it is a catering company and this is not the party season. So my next work opportunity will be in June. I’m currently looking for another job.

2. Gains. Gains. Gains. I am now a gym freak. If I’m not in the gym, I’m thinking about when can I go back as soon as possible, what new muscles I can workout, and how can I get more gains. Also I realized the pillar in the training room has padding so I’ve been practicing my punches and kicks. Yes I said kicks, I got that “This is Sparta” kick down.

3. I recently went to jail. It was not fun. Although I was there for only 3 days and made friends, I do everything I can to not go back. I do not drink AT ALL anymore, I very rarely go out to parties and shows, and even meet up with friends. I now have a crippling fear of being pulled over and arrested for any reason. So that explains why I’m flaking out a lot and staying home.

4. I’ve started picking up books again, well comic books to be exact. Since I have so much free time I’ve been reveling in the adventures of Spiderman and co. When I’m feeling more down to earth I pick up some Drawn and Quarterly books. I often find myself at various Barnes and Nobles and Comic Book Shops.

5. Since I chose a career in the culinary field I have the great opportunity to work in various places. I’m considering going to New York for a week and try out different restaurants I can get my startup in, or the Bay Area, or maybe even India one day. Whatever the outcome may be, I hope I’m at least happy, healthy and enjoying the ride.

or super buff, that’s cool too.

heard this 9 years ago on a geocities website. so glad i found this again.